Community + Awareness

50/50 is a collaborative exploration of a single topic - VISIBILITY. 50 artists, 50 T-shirt designs, 50% profit to artists, 50% profit to charity. In 2019 we galvanise our annual 50/50 campaign in support of community-led organisation Justice4Grenfell, having worked closely with Trekstock and Amnesty International since the campaign launched in 2017.

Inspired by artist Radicalboulevard’s tee design from the 2018 50/50 campaign where we raised £13,000 for Amnesty International, we’ve asked this year’s artists to explore the idea of VISIBILITY, something that’s often missing for those fighting day-in, day-out against social injustices like Justice4Grenfell.


"This design is inspired by and hopes to encourage the organisation of grassroots communities to disrupt ‘established’ power. The theme of visibility underpinned through augmented reality(AR), using technology to physically engage people, to see what can happen when action is taken." - Wei Prior